Trader Joe’s Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Trader Joe’s Green Bean Casserole Recipe

A delicious soup recipe can always make your dining table more attractive and tastier at the same time. Since there lots of soup recipes, all the food lovers crave something different rather than a regular soup meal. In this case, the Trader Joe’s Green Bean Casserole recipe can satisfy your hunger to full.  

Apart from this, the preparation methods of this recipe are very simple and can be made at home easily. This can be the best-served appetizer before any of your meals at parties or outdoor programs. Rather you are going to have dinner or any main course meal, the trader joe’s green bean casserole soup can enhance the overall flavor.

How to Make Green Bean Casserole With Frozen Beans?

This soup recipe is always a must-go dish for people of all ages since it consists of various mouth-watering flavors. The perfect combination of veggies along with a mushroom soup flavor makes this soup more tempting. So, let’s move on to the Trader Joe’s mushroom soup recipe:


4 cups of vegetable broth

½ cups of olive oil

1 cup of chopped onions

2-3 cloves of minced garlic

1-package of baby mushrooms (any choice)

½ tsp of salt and pepper to taste

10-can of cream of mushroom soup (any choice/Trader Joe’s)

2 cups of flour

1 ½ cups of milk

½ cups of cheese

1-lb of frozen green bean

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:

At first, take the frozen beans in a pot of water and sprinkle salt on top. Start to boil the water for a few minutes and cook the beans until it gets soft and tender. Then drain water and transfer the beans to a separate bowl and set them aside.

Step 2:

Then take olive oil in a frying pan and start to heat over a flame. When the oil gets heated, release the chopped onions and garlic. Sauté them for a couple of minutes to get a browned and fried texture. After that, add flour and vegetable broth to it.

Step 3:

Keep on stirring the ingredients to avoid excessive burning at the bottom. Then add milk and canned cream of mushroom soup to the saucepan top make a gravy for the soup. Whisk the ingredients to get a perfect mixture and sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

Step 4:

Then add cheese and chilled beans in the gravy soup mixture. Cook it for 10 minutes to get a thick texture in the gravy. Then transfer the prepared soup to a casserole and garnish the upper layer with packed baby mushroom.

Step 5:

Place some more cheese on top to get a cheesy upper layer. Then put the casserole in a preheated oven and bake under 350-degrees for 20 minutes. After that, when the upper layer of the soup mixture gets browned and the mushroom gets tender, take out the casserole and set it aside.

Finally, the delightful green bean casserole with cream of mushroom soup is ready to be served.


A perfectly cooked spicy green bean casserole soup can always bring a smile among food lovers every time. The cheesy upper layer with mushroom bites on top makes the overall dish more heavenly. Having such a dish as an appetizer or snacks in any party or family program can assure your appetite in every spoon.

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