Redneck Margarita Recipe

Redneck Margarita Recipe

Redneck Margaritas are the seamless margaritas for enjoying a game or for celebrating a hot summer day. These margaritas are refreshing, and light. They contain frozen limeade, lemon-lime soda, and beer.

For an actual delight, this margarita cocktail recipe mingles beer and tequila. It is not so hard to put together, and you will enjoy it once you sip the ice-cold margarita with a variance. You will be ready for a game day after sipping it. Redneck margarita recipe is marvelous for its extraordinary genre.  However, it is refreshing and invigorating with a little sweetening. You can take it with many Mexican dishes.

Redneck margarita 

Redneck Margarita is simple and comfortable to prepare. But if you want to make a large amount of it for your party, you have to store margarita batches in a plastic bag. Mix the beer when it is ready to be served. You can also put the blended beer margarita into Ziploc freezer bags or plastic buckets in your refrigerator. This process is perfect for preparing two to three hours before the party.


  1. Tequila (12 ounces)
  2. Frozen limeade (12 ounces)
  3. Beer (1 Bottle)
  4. Sprite (8 ounces)


  • Blend all materials; put some pieces of ice in the glass.
  • Put all the items over the ice. Now you can serve it.
  • This beer contains sodium, carbohydrate, calories, and calcium.

Beer is distributed mainly in bottles and cans is an old and widely consumed drink in the world. Beer margarita with sprite is another version of drinks. It gives a lemonade flavor. Before trying it at home, we should taste it to have a prior flavor.

Beer Margaritas

Beer margaritas have a distinctive aroma. The aroma depends on the ingredients. The more one uses different types of supplements; the more one will get a varied taste. Using limeade is a good option.

Margarita is indeed simple, but you can make it extraordinary by adding lemon or other things. It would be a nice gift for cocktail lovers. Even with this simple drink, you can make your friend happier than ever before.

Servings: 6


  1. Sweet and sour mix (1/4 cup) 
  2. Frozen limeade concentrate (12 ounces), thawed
  3. Tequila (3/4 cup) 
  4. Ice cubes
  5. Lime slices (enhancer)
  6. Lime slices and kosher salt, optional
  7. Beer (12 ounces each)


  • You can use lime pieces to dampen the edges of six margarita or glasses. Now scatter salt on a plate, grip each goblet upside down and soak rims into salt. Remove residual salt.
  • Take a pitcher. In it, we will mix tequila, beer, sweet, concentrate, and sour. Here we go. Provide in glasses over ice. Enhance with lime slices.

We should remember that preparing any drinks with any ingredients may cause problems if we use it without any prior experiment may cause harmful effects. Beer margarita recipe is easy to prepare so you can make it at home.  

Southern Redneck Margarita

People from different areas have adiverse lifestyle. In the same way, drinks of different areas preserve varieties of taste. There are several types of redneck drinks recipes, but all are not equally relevant to your choice. So, it seems not to be smooth to drink all types of recipes. Perhaps, you need not worry thinking about the whereabouts of the right one. We are here for your assistance.


  1. Measuring cup
  2. Pitcher and margarita glass 


  1. Sweet and Sour Mix (4 cups)
  2. Tequila (2 cups)
  3. Triple Sec (1 1/2 cups)
  4. Gran Gala (½ to 1 ounce per drink)
  5. Lime / Orange Sliced (1 sliced) 
  6. Salt (1 – 2 T) in a saucer Coarse 
  7. Ice (4-6 cups, you can use extra ice in individual glass)


  • Before you start to mix ingredients, take about half your jug with ice. It will ensure that margarita is cool enough. 
  • Add salt after wetting your rim. You can add ice here for an absolute cold drink. It is ready to serve.

Beer margaritas with sprite

Okay, you are a little bit uncertain for a margarita with beer, take it. Undoubtedly, you will feel stunned since this margarita contains beer. So buy high-class tequila to get a smoother margarita and an exquisite taste. 

The question is what kind of beer you want to have for this beer margarita. One may answer Mexican light beer.  Crisp lager may be fruitful in this case. But we may not want a strong and overpowering flavor beer.

Makes about four servings (5 cups)


  1. Frozen limeade (12-ounce can) and frozen lemonade (12-ounce can)
  2. Tequila (3 cups)
  3. Diet Sprite (1-liter bottle) and lime Slices


  • Take a large bowl and mix some pieces of ice to the bowl. 
  • Combine concentrates with tequila and put it in the bowl.
  • Carefully mix diet Sprite and stir it until it gets mixed.

Beer Margaritas 

Even you can make a frozen beer margarita. You have to put all the items in a mixer and blend it. Now you can top with an ice-cold beer.Here once again we will show you the best beer margarita recipe.


  1. Crushed sugar (1/2 cup)
  2. Pressed lime juice (1/2 cup, fresh)
  3. Lime wedges (5)
  4. Uneven salt
  5. Ice (2 cups)
  6. Silver tequila, chilled (3/4 cup)
  7. Mexican beer (12-ounce)


Step 1

Put sugar and ½ cup water in a bowl. Cook and heat for a while to make sure the dissolved of sugar in medium-high heat. Remove it from the oven and make it cool. Blend in lime juice and transfer to the refrigerator to let it cool.

Step 2

Now, we will brush a lime piece around the edge of each of the glasses. Fill a bowl with salt, and plunge edge of each glass into salt to cover. Now fill each glass with ice (1/2 cup); fix apart.

Step 3

Finally, you have to stir tequila into the lime combination and share equally among glasses. Top with beer and stir. Enhance each with a lime piece. Now serve it.

So we have our drinks. All the beers are not of the same taste. But margarita made with beer has a fabulous quality and aroma.


All the drinks are not the same. Some drinks touch us and give a different mood. Again some help us to rejuvenate our youth. These drinks provide diverse tastes, but they have different ingredients. Redneck Margarita recipe is second to none for its appealing and sweet taste. Once you drink it, you will surely be in a dreamy world. Its aroma and genre will help you to forget the tiresome and melancholy thoughts of life.

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