Progresso Lentil Soup Recipe

Progresso Lentil Soup Recipe

Progresso lentil soup recipe might just be the kind of comfort food during cold night dinner times. It is a nice soup to have with so much nutritious value. The Progresso vegetable soup nutrition list contains a lot of iron, sodium and vitamins necessary to keep your health in check. All the ingredients in this soup is tailored to cook up a delicious and healthy meal.

How to Make Progresso Soup?

The process of making this Progresso lentil soup is pretty simple too. You can gather all the ingredients easily and can have access to them any time you want. You will need to make sure that you follow the steps thoroughly so the soup can be enjoyed at its peak flavor and nutrition. A plate of hot served soup is a delight to have. So, let us look through the recipe so you can start preparing this delicious soup.

Progresso Lentil Soup Ingredients:

  • One cup of diced celery
  • Half a tablespoon of butter/vegan butter
  • Half a cup of washed and drained lentils
  • Two minced garlic cloves
  • Half a tablespoon of minced ginger
  • Five full cups of vegetable stock
  • One tablespoon of tomato paste
  • One cup of chopped frozen spinach
  • A pinch of ground black pepper
  • A pinch of salt
  • Half a cup of chopped coriander leaves (optional)

Method of Preparing the Progresso Lentil Soup Step by Step:

Step 1: Get a stock pot on the stove and set the heat to low medium and melt the butter in it.

Step 2: Pour the celery and stir. It has to soften a bit. You can poke the celery with the handle to see if it has softened. 

Step 3: Once the celery has softened, reduce the heat to low and pour the vegetable stock. Let it simmer while you keep adding the chopped garlic and ginger, sprinkle the black pepper and salt. Keep stirring so the aroma releases.

Step 4: Add in the lentils and let it cook for about 2-4 minutes. Keep stirring.

Step 5: Add the tomato paste and chopped spinach. Stir and bring to a boil. Make sure it simmers and cooks. It should cook for about an hour and do not cover the lid.

Step 6:  Once the stew has thickened, add in freshly chopped coriander leaves. Turn the stove off. Make a smooth puree by using a stick blender.  

Step 7: Serve with bread. 


Lentil soup is rich in nutrition. The ingredients this special dish contains adds more texture and flavor to it even though it is a simple dish. You can enjoy it before your other courses.

You can have some toasted bread with this soup. The delicious aroma will set the mood for a healthy course of meal. It is highly recommended that you try this at home and hopefully enjoy!

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