Manicotti Italian Casserole Recipe

Manicotti Italian Casserole Recipe

Manicotti Italian casserole recipe is a mouth-watering dish that has earned its spot as one of the best casserole dishes. It is one of those simple Italian recipes and you can easily make it at home. If you are prepping for dinner plans and need an outstanding manicotti recipe with meat on the menu, this Italian manicotti is what you should keep your mind on.

How to Make the Manicotti Italian Casserole Dish

This Italian casserole dish includes ingredients which won’t be too hard for you to find. The fact that this recipe doesn’t require too much effort and a short amount of time should be enough for you to start preparing to cook this delicious casserole. Here we have the run down of how you can easily prepare and cook this dish.

Ingredients That You Will Need Are:

  • One pound of rigatoni pasta
  • One pound of ground beef
  • One pound of Italian sausage
  • An eight-ounce weighed can of mushrooms (drained)
  • Two jars of spaghetti sauce (32 ounces)
  • One cup of thinly sliced pepperoni
  • Half a pound of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Salt and ground black pepper according to taste

Method of Preparing the Manicotti Italian Casserole Dish Step by Step:

Step 1: Set the oven to preheat at 350°F or 175°C

Step 2: Cook the pasta with a little bit of salt sprinkled. Drain and set aside. It will take around 8-10 minutes.

Step 3: Cook the ground beef and sausage in a skillet over medium heat. No need for oil. When it is almost cooked through, drain the excess juice and spread the meat on a baking dish.

Step 4: Add mushrooms, the cooked pasta and spaghetti sauce with the meat on the baking dish. 

Step 5: Make a layer of cheese and pepperoni on top of the mixed filling od the casserole.

Step 6: Get the dish in the oven and cook for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese broils and turns into a brownish color. 

Step 7: Serve immediately.


This recipe is perfect to enjoy on its own as a dinner dish. It is one of those comfort foods that does not take too much effort or time to make. You can add it as the main course and add other side dishes and appetizer to have a full meal.

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