Grippos Seasoning Recipe

Grippos Seasoning Recipe

You ever notice how potato chips are like the pop songs of the snack world? They’re everywhere, everyone knows ’em, and just when you think they can’t get any catchier – BAM! – along comes a remix that makes you question everything you ever knew. Enter the world of Grippos seasoning recipe.

Now, I get it, a chip is a chip, right? But have you ever taken a simple potato chip, dreaming of the big leagues, and given it a smoky barbeque makeover? That’s the Grippos effect! It’s like giving your chip a backstage pass to the flavor concert of a lifetime. The crispy bite combined with that sassy barbeque twang – it’s like your taste buds went to a party and didn’t invite the rest of your mouth.

Grippos Seasoning Recipe

How to Make BBQ Seasoning for Chips?

The secret? It’s all in the mix. You could be making the most basic of chips, but add that Grippos seasoning, and suddenly, you’re not just making chips, you’re creating crispy legends. Dive, no, waltz, into this symphony of spices and elevate those humble potato slices.


1-2 large Russet potato (peeled)

2 cups of water

2 tsp of paprika for heat

1 ½ tsp of onion powder

1 tsp of sugar

1 – ½ tsp of garlic powder

1 tsp of dry mustard

½ tsp of salt to taste

1 tsp of black pepper

½ tsp of chili powder

2 cups of frying oil (any choice)

Grippos Seasoning Recipe

Methods of Preparing Step by Step:

Step 1:

At first, make thin slices of the peeled potatoes in desired shapes for the fries. After that, place them in a mixing bowl and cover them with water. Let the potatoes remain to submerge in water for a few minutes.

Step 2:

Meanwhile, let’s make the BBQ seasoning for the chips. Take a separate mixing to pour in dry mustard and onion powder in it. Then start to mix them and sprinkle black pepper while whisking.

Step 3:

Then add heat factor paprika and chili powder to the bowl for smoky flavor. After that, add salt and garlic powder to enhance the flavor and mix for a couple of minutes properly.

Step 4:

Then add sugar and mix for the final 2 minutes and set the bowl aside. Take out the sliced potato pieces from the water and pat dry with a paper towel. Pour oil into a frying pan and start to heat.

Step 5:

When the oil gets heated to 300-degrees then carefully release the dried potatoes in it. Sprinkle salt and a bit of prepared barbecue chip seasoning on top. Flip the potato fries repeatedly to eliminate sideburns.

Step 6:

When the potato chips get light golden and crispy, take them out and place them in a paper towel to drain excess oil on the surface. Then sprinkle the seasoning on top of the fries until completely covered or transfer the chips to the seasoning bowl.

Finally, homemade Grippo fries with BBQ seasoning are ready to be served.


If life were a sitcom, potato chips would be that recurring character everyone secretly loves. And with the Grippo’s seasoning recipe? Well, that’s the twist in the plot everyone’s talking about at the water cooler the next day. Whether you’re hosting the biggest bash of the season or just sneaking a snack during a commercial break, these spiced wonders are bound to be the showstopper. Encore, anyone?

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