15 Best Pink Whitney Drink Recipes To Try Today

15 Best Pink Whitney Drink Recipes To Try Today

Okay, let’s face it, most of us enjoy having an alcoholic beverage to wind down in our hectic everyday lives – there’s nothing wrong with that! 

Pink Whitney is one of the most popular drinks and this popularity is growing everyday. The thing is, sometimes we like to get a little creative with our drink choices – so what do you do?

If you’re looking for ways to make your Pink Whitney drink much more adventurous, then check out our 15 recipes below. 

What Is Pink Whitney? 

Pink Whitney is a pink drink that is pink lemonade infused with vodka. It has a very fruity, citric taste to it that shines bright. 

In terms of strength, it’s 30% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and 60 proof, so it’s not for the faint of heart!

It’s also quite sweet due to the sugars involved, so be careful with the amount you’re drinking. 

When Is The Best Time To Enjoy A Pink Whitney?

Because of its color, it’s a very good summer drink to enjoy.

Aside from its color, the taste is so sweet that if you enjoy it over cracked ice, you’ve got yourself a summer party ready to go! 

However, you can enjoy this drink at any time of the year – just be sure you’re drinking it responsibly. 

[1] Pink Whitney Shot 

Okay, so while this might not be a recipe as such, we have to include drinking a Pink Whitney in this way. 

As you can guess, all you’ll need to do is get yourself a classic shot glass, fill her up with Pink Whitney and down it goes in one! 

This is one of the best ways to enjoy Pink Whitney when you’re with your friends and enjoying a good night out! 

[2] Starburst Pink Whitney 

Taking a spin on number 1, you can make a shot taste even more fruity by making it Starburst! 

All you’ll have to do is add Pink Whitney (one ounce), whipped cream vodka (half ounce), crushed ice and a dash of grenadine. 

Mix all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and pour gently into shot glasses. Ideal for a fruity bash – maybe enjoyed at a bachelorette party perhaps?

[3] Pink Whitney On The Rocks 

Anytime you hear of a drink on the rocks, it automatically sounds cooler, right? Pink Whitney on the rocks can be a perfect addition to any party. 

You’ll need to get yourself a tall glass, add lots of ice cubes, slice up some lemons and a dash of mint – then shake up some Pink Whitney. 

Next, add some club soda – but not too much, then lovingly fountain the Pink Whitney on top. And there you have it – Pink Whitney on the rocks! 

[4] Pink Whitney Martini 

This has to be one of the easiest ways to creatively enjoy your Pink Whitney. Get yourself a martini glass and freeze it. After it has completely cooled, take it out and slice lemons. 

Add the sliced lemons over the rims of the glass and add a playful umbrella with extra ice. Add one single cherry and stir it all together in the glass. Simple and effective!

[5] Pink Whitney Cosmo 

The cosmopolitan has been a bar favorite for decades, so why not switch it all up and have Pink Whitney involved instead?

Create your cosmopolitan as normal and add lime juice with cranberry juice. Double up on the amount of Pink Whitney and garnish the glass with sliced lemon and lime. 

Don’t forget to pile up the ice! 

[6] Pink Whitney Wine Spritzer 

We all love spritzer don’t we? Sparkle up your life with an addition of the old classic, but with beautiful Pink Whitney instead. 

Mix together club soda, Pink Whitney and a whole host of either white wine or Champagne. It’s probably better to use Champagne for this. 

Once mixed, pour out into cocktail glasses, add a little salt to the rim of the glass and an orange wedge for garnish. 

This drink has to be among the favorites! 

[7] Pink Whitney Lemonade With Thyme 

This drink is so simple but it is also so effective upon delivery and drinking it. As the name suggests, you’ll need Pink Whitney and some sparkling water. 

Mix these together in a small, bourbon style glass – add a whole lot of ice and then one sprig of fresh thyme.

One the other side of the glass, add a fun style straw and really enjoy your funky beverage! 

We need to add something to this selection though – although we’ve chosen thyme here, you don’t have to! 

Any herb can work here, such as basil or mint. Whatever you feel in the mood for, make sure you do you!

[8] Pink Whitney Aperol Spritz 

Fancy going Italian for a change? This Italian aperitif is a bittersweet choice but certainly switches things up a bit. 

Simply add orange, Prosecco, club soda, Aperol and ice for a sweet…ish alternative to a classic. 

Remember to make the drink presentable by slicing a fresh orange peel onto the glass and stir it all up once you’re done. 

[9] A Pink Whitney Bomb 

Adding a crazy spin on the “bomb” version of shots – why not try it with Pink Whitney? 

All you’ll need is a glass that has two sections, one for alcohol and the other for mixer.

Add Pink Whitney into the center and pour Red Bull around the outside. You’ll want around 70/30 in Pink Whitney’s favor. 

Drink it in one go – don’t hesitate! The Red Bull will take some of the power of the vodka away but you’ll feel ready to party in no time at all! 

[10] Pink Whitney Strawberry Lemonade 

Oh what a beautiful drink this is, and quite sophisticated in the right setting! Having a garden party? Kick it off right with some of these! 

To make these, you’ll have to get some tall Collins glasses, strawberries, club soda and of course – Pink Whitney. 

Slice up the strawberries into the glass and mix all the liquid ingredients in one in the glass. Add half a strawberry to the side of the glass for garnish. 

Much like with the thyme lemonade, there’s lots of ways to enjoy this in your own way – you can change the strawberries for:

  • Blueberries 
  • Blackberries 
  • Cherries 
  • Blackcurrants 
  • Redcurrants 

[11] Pink Whitney Mojito 

Mojitos are a great cocktail to enjoy, sure – but what if we added Pink Whitney to the equation? 

As normal, make your mojito (don’t forget the mint!) and add a drizzle of Pink Whitney over the top to make a colorful river of alcohol! 

[12] Pink Whitney Slushy 

Remember we said this drink is perfect for the summer? Well, the slushy version makes that even more obvious! 

The easiest way to make this is to add ice into a slush machine, along with your chosen syrup – and then add a whole host of Pink Whitney! 

Once the ingredients have all turned and mixed together to become slush, pour it out into a large glass with a tall spoon or a straw. Amazing flavor and cooling! 

[13] Pink Whitney Cola Crush 

This is a playful switch of the usual vodka and coke. Effectively, you need to crush ice up into a tall Collins glass and slowly pour an already mixed batch of Pink Whitney and classic cola. 

Of course, you can decide which type of cola you wish to use – but this makes things very sweet! If you want a little change of flavor, you could use Dr Pepper or cherry Coke! 

[14] Pink Whitney On The Beach

Now, we assume that most of you have heard of the cocktail Sex On The Beach, right? Well, think about that – but with Pink Whitney! 

Instead of classic vodka, use Pink Whitney with peach Schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. 

Once you’ve mixed all of these up, add lots of ice and garnish the glass with lime slices. It gives the drink that little kick of citric bite. 

[15] The Pink Lady Whitney

How can we leave out the classic cocktail of a pink lady without adding Pink Whitney to the equation? 

A 1950s classic cocktail, to make this you’ll need to get yourself some jigger gin, egg white and cream. 

Mix all of these strongly together and then add to a cocktail shaker. Shake firmly and then serve into tall cocktail glasses.

Remember to garnish with strawberries and a cherry and then add a little umbrella. 

A pink drink for a pink drink – what could be better?

The Bottom Line 

Pink Whitney is a favorite at the bar and at home for good reason – it looks great, it tastes amazing and it mixes with pretty much anything! 

Why not take your spin on things and devise your own Whitney masterpiece? Good luck!

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