Yogurt Covered Raisins Recipes

Yogurt Covered Raisins Recipes

When you have cravings for anything super tasty, and you don’t actually care about the nutrition fact, Congratulation! you are exactly like me. Last month, I went to one of my friends’ homes, and she offered me to have store-bought yogurt covered with raisins. At first, I didn’t really want to eat, because I don’t usually consume yogurt directly. But when I had, it completely changed my perspective.

However, returning home, I have started searching for yogurt covered raisins recipes. I went to my granny’s house for some advice. And luckily, she knew an old version of it and told me the process of preparing plain raisin yogurt. After learning the trick, I have modified the recipe using yogurt cream cheese. I’m sure with this recipe, you can feel the taste also can differentiate between store-bought one and your homemade one.

Yogurt Raisins Recipe:

As you already know this recipe is a modified old version of yogurt raisin. So, the credit of this recipe goes to none other than my sweet granny. The flavor of yogurt cream cheese with buttery raisins makes this dessert so flavorful that you want to have it every day. Though you need to control your desire, as this is not a healthy food to consume. I will explain it later. Let’s see the recipe.


  • 2 cups of raisin 
  • 8 ounces of yogurt cream cheese (see the recipe below) 
  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 6 cups of powdered sugar
  • 11/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract 

How to Make Yogurt Covered Raisins Step by Step:

Step 1: First of all, you need to put the raisins in a steamer strainer. 

Step 2: In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, boil water. 

Step 3: Place the steamer strainer over the boiling water. Make sure the steamer strainer surface should not touch the water. 

Step 4: Cover the saucepan for steaming, and keep covered for 5 minutes. 

Step 5: In another saucepan, add yogurt cream cheese to combine. Turn on the stove over low heat. Stir until the butter is completely melted, and the cheese is wilted. Whisk them heavily 

Step 6: Removing from heat, transfer the mixture in a large bowl.

Step 7: Now add 1 cup of powdered sugar at a time, and stir in finely. Continue adding powdered sugar until the frosting becomes gooey and creamy. Don’t over pour, that will make the mixture dry. 

Step 8: Now add 1 ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and stir to combine. 

Step 9: Then add the steamed raisins, gently coating in yogurt cream mixture.  

Step 10: Pour the mixture onto the waxed paper, and let it dry uncovered at least 4 hours to overnight.

Thus your homemade yogurt-covered raisin is ready to enjoy. If you desire, use it sandwiched between cookies. 

Yogurt Cream Cheese Recipe: 

To prepare homemade yogurt covered raisins, yogurt cream cheese is a vital ingredient. You can prepare it at home with no hassle. You just need to follow the directions and maintain the timing. 


  • 4 cups of low-fat plain yogurt


  • Cheesecloth 
  • Colander


Step 1: Take a large colander, and line it with cheesecloth. 

Step 2: Now you need to place the colander over a glass bowl. 

Step 3: Pour 4 cup yogurt in the cheesecloth-lined colander. 

Step 4: Wrap the colander with plastic, they also cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap so that nothing can accidentally drop into the yogurt while draining. 

Step 5: Keep the bowl in a cool place for 12 hours. 

Step 6: After 12 hours, take the cheesecloth out, and gently squeeze the remaining moisture out of the yogurt cheese. 

Step 7: Vacate the whey from the glass bowl, and place the yogurt cheese. Let the cheese stand for another 8 hours. 

After 8 hours, your cheese is completely set to use. Well, to store it, place the yogurt cream cheese in a clean jar. 

Health Tips:

A question has asked out very frequently, “Are yogurt raisins healthy?” Well, you need to know some facts in order to get the answer. 

Yogurt is healthy, and so do raisins. But when they are mixed together, the texture doesn’t come out healthy at all. The yogurt covered raisins are quite chunkier than the natural flavor. Also, they create more like unnatural sugary texture. 

But if you see the nutrition list, it doesn’t seem that bad actually. Yogurt-covered raisins have 130 calories, among them, total fat is 8%, Saturated fat 20%, sodium 1%, total carbohydrate 7%, dietary fiber 4%, 19 gram of sugar. 

But if you have it on a regular basis, that will be very bad for your health. Yet having it occasionally, is not that harmful. Even if your baby cries hard for it, don’t give it regularly.


While you are throwing a party and want to have your guests enjoy yogurt-covered raisins, prepare it at home to surprise guests. Don’t forget to remember the health tips about this yogurt-covered raisins. If you really like my recipe, then let me know, and stay connected.

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