Brookville Hotel Fried Chicken Recipe

Brookville Hotel Fried Chicken Recipe

The Brookville chicken is the most popular fried chicken recipe all over the world. In this article, we have introduced a fried chicken recipe that tastes very close to the original Brookville hotel fried chicken recipe.

If you want to know the methods of this homemade chicken recipe, then keep reading this article.

The 150 years of Brookville hotel history hold a historical essence to their food. Among all the recipes they produce, their fried chicken recipe is one of the most loved recipes.

Its crispy and crunchy texture on the outside and moist texture on the inside makes people go back to it over and over again. 

Brookville Chicken

The homemade version of the fried chicken Kansas recipe is relatively easy. It’s all about the flavourful buttery chicken, the crunchy texture of the outside, and the soft texture on the inside.

It’s made with some regular ingredients that ultimately result in super delicious food. Now, let’s check the ingredients and methods of preparing.

Necessary Ingredients 

Oil for Frying

2 1/ 2pound Chicken, Cut into Pieces

1 Cup Salt

1/ 4 Cup Garlic Powder

1/ 4 Cup Black Pepper

1/ 3 Cup Water

Four Eggs

2 Cups Self-Rising Flour

1 Cup Hot Red Pepper Sauce

One Teaspoon Paprika

1 Cup Buttermilk

How To Make Brookville Hotel Fried Chicken 

Step 1: Soak the chicken overnight in buttermilk beforehand. 

Step 2: Add the cracked eggs to a medium-sized bowl and beat them well with water. Add hot sauce to the mixture until the mixture color is bright orange. Combine flour and pepper in another bowl. 

Step 3: Add salt, garlic powder, black pepper powder, paprika to the chicken pieces. Mix the chicken with the seasonings well. Dip the chicken pieces in the egg-water mixture after they are well seasoned. And then, coat the chicken well in the flour mixture.

Step 4: Heat the oil to 350 degrees in a deep pot. Fill the pot 1/ 2 full with oil. 

Step 5: Fry the chickens until they are brown and crisp. White meat takes 8 to 10 minutes to cook, and black meat needs 13 to 14 minutes.

Step 6: After the chickens are crisp and brown, serve them hot with dipping sauce. You can also add french fries if you like fried chicken with fries.


For better-fried chicken recipes, follow the tips below-

  1. Use the correct temperature and cooking oil. For the texture difference of the fried chicken, it’s important to keep the temperature in medium to medium-high heat. And using peanut oil can give flavorings to the fried chicken.
  2. When frying the chicken, don’t rush the process. Let every chicken piece cook thoroughly and slowly. That way it will cook better.
  3. Soaking the chicken pieces in buttermilk overnight can add extra flavor and juiciness to the chicken. 
  4. Cut the chicken in a proper size. To fry the chicken pieces, make sure to cut them in medium-sized. If the pieces are too large, they might get raw on the inside, or if the pieces are too small, the inside might get dryer as well.


The Brookville hotel fried chicken recipe doesn’t need any words to explain its taste or flavor. Their recipes are over the top, and the best quality food you can find out there. But trying and making their recipes at home is also a great thing to do. 

In this article, we tried to show a homemade copycat version of the Brookville fried chicken recipe. It might not give the exact taste like the original Brookville one, but it will indeed score A plus taste-wise.

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